pasma samojed

o samojedih


The Samoyed is medium-sized and elegant dog

that expresses strenght, pride, persistence, liveliness and a great deal of grace. The breed is characterized by happy expression which has earned the nickname “smiley dog”. This breed was used for sledding and as an excellent companion dog. According to FCI classification they belong to group 5 (Spitz and Primitive Types; section 1.2: Nordic sleddogs, whitout working exam).

They are named after the Russian nomad tribe. They bred them for hunting, sledding and as a good companion for children. This breed preserved their attachment for people. Their homeland was Siberia, in 19th century the first Samoyed were brought to england, and then spread to other countries.



The Samoyed dog is medium-sizeded (males 54-60 cm, females 50-56 cm), with strong body and skeleton. It is aquare and shape, the body lenght is 5% longer than the height at the withers. They have strong wedgelike head, ears are triangle in shape and erect, and dark eyes in the shape of almond which express attention and intelligence. Their neck is strong and medium-sized, body is firm, back is straight; females have a little bit longer back than males. Tail is profusely coated and is carried curled over its back. They have a dense double layer coat: the topcoat is straight and long, and undercoat is dense and soft. Females usually have shorter and softer coat than males. The colour of the coat is white, pure white or a mixture of biscuit and white.



The Samoyeds are friendly, proud, brave and lively dogs full of energy and very attached to human. They are not aggressive, therefore they are suitable for families with children. They need much human companion and a lot of outdoor movement.